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Friday, March 28, 2014

Help Primal Pastures Change Industrial Chicken Production

Hey y'all! Random Friday begging post. Forgive me, but I really want these guys to win this.

My favorite farmers over at Primal Pastures, who supply me with my chicken, beef and lamb, are in a kick ass contest thanks to an amazing adaptation they've made. They are veteran owned, treat their animals properly (you can tour the farm if you'd like) and treat their customers wonderfully. Their grub is amazing, and I'm ever so grateful to have found them. And they need your help! Let me have them tell you about it:

"OK guys - massive favor to ask... There is $15,000 on the line and all you have to do is click below and VOTE FOR US! We have a crazy, rad idea to END FACTORY FARMING and a really good chance to win if you help us out by clicking below and voting for us - no signup required!

You all know that we're super passionate about eliminating factory farms and feeding the world with pastured poultry and grassfed meats. As a family team, we have come up with a massive innovation that will allow super cost effective, automated pastured poultry systems to be installed throughout the world. These systems will heal the land, heal the people, heal the birds, and heal entire countries. We entered our invention to University of Wisconsin and they liked it enough to make us a top 30 finalist and fly us, all expenses paid, to present the idea at a major "International Agricultural Innovation contest next month at UW-Madison. The winner takes home $100,000 and there is also this $15,000 "Audience Choice / Facebook Contest" going on now! The idea takes the Joel Salatin style "floorless chicken tractor" to the next level with a scalable solar powered track system that will allow pastured poultry to become more cost competitive with factory farmed chicken. The goal: END FACTORY FARMING!

So here's what we need: 1. PLEASE share this post with your network. The key story is that this idea could legitimately put an end to factory chicken farming as we know it in the United States. Who wouldn't want that!? 2. Click on the link below and VOTE for us! You don't need to sign up or anything, it all happens through facebook. 3. Comment with any questions below. I would love to show some initial design photos in the comments if anyone is interested."

Pretty sure this is through facebook, so if you have an FB account, click away! Thanks and have a kick ass weekend.


EcoCatLady said...

That is just ultra amazing and I wish I could vote... but alas I am a Facebook conscientious objector, so I don't have an account.

I'm voting in spirit though. Does that count?

Demandra said...

Totally counts. A bummer you can't vote outside of fb! Horseshit.

EcoCatLady said...

I'm kinda starting to feel a bit like a non-entity without a FB account or smartphone. I fear the day when you won't be able to open a bank account, or vote, or participate in society at large if you don't want to be tracked by the giant marketing machine in the sky!

Demandra said...

Eh, it will eventually go the way of Friendster, Myspace, and the others I can't remember. I think eventually we're going to get tired of it all and just go back to writing snail mail and passing notebooks around as blogs. ;)

If it gets to the point where we can't function unless we've signed up (you know the zealots will be screaming MARK OF THE BEAST!), we should just burn it all down and start over.

EcoCatLady said...

OMG, you totally crack me up. FaceBook - mark of the beast!